Our experienced dentists may recommend dental fillings if your tooth has minor to moderate damage. This damage includes decay such as cavities or minor chipping. Dental fillings are a conservative way to help you achieve excellent oral health. To learn more about dental fillings in Vernon Hills, Illinois, call our office today!

During your dental filling appointment, our dentists and team will remove the damaged part of your tooth and clean the tooth to get rid of all traces of decay and bacteria. Then, your tooth will be filled with the dental filling to ensure it is closed off from further damage. The filling will be smoothed and polished to match the natural sheen and look of the rest of your teeth.

Dental fillings harden quickly, and multiple fillings can be done during one visit to our office. We strive to make sure all our patients are as comfortable as possible during their appointments, so we offer various pain management techniques including IV sedation for those who are fearful, anxious or would like a bit of extra pain relief.

To learn more about the benefits of dental fillings, and to make your appointment with one of our caring dentists, call Northwestern Dental Group at 847-457-8449 today!