Our skilled dentists at Northwestern Dental Group may suggest dental bridges if you have multiple missing teeth you would like to replace. Dental bridges are an excellent choice for our patients who would like a solution to missing teeth that is non-removable. To learn more about the benefits of dental bridges, call our office today!

Dental bridges utilize two dental crowns that will be placed by our dentists. These crowns are personalized to your smile and placed on both sides of the space created by your missing teeth. The crowns are designed to hold your bridge in place so it will not shift in your mouth. The crowns and bridges help you achieve a natural- and healthy-looking smile.

Dental bridges oftentimes only require two visits to our office, and last for many years to come. Dental bridges work to improve your smile in more ways than one, including:

  • Alleviating excess stress on your jaw and bite
  • Improving the overall look of your facial structure
  • Preventing your teeth from moving and growing irregularly
  • Enhancing your overall appearance

Dental bridges are a great alternative to removable dental restorations, such as dentures. To learn more about dental bridges in Vernon Hills, Illinois, call our office at 847-457-8449 today!