Sometimes called a sinus augmentation, a sinus lift is a treatment that our dentists may use to add bone to the upper jaw near the area by the back teeth. Similar to bone grafting, this is a procedure used to help make dental implant procedures possible. If a tooth in the top of your mouth is lost to decay or an accident, there are cases where the bone structure there is insufficient to safely create a dental implant.
When this happens, our dentists can use a sinus lift procedure to help supplement the bone structure. This is done by gently lifting the sinus membrane and moving it up and away from the jaw. After this is accomplished, we can then add bone grafting material to the needed area, strengthening the bone structure.

Once the procedure is complete, there will be an important healing period of about four to nine months in which the new material will have time to settle and grow stronger. Then, once the integrity of the bone structure is stable, a dental implant can then be placed to restore the missing tooth. For more information about sinus lifts in Vernon Hills, Illinois, please call Northwestern Dental Group today at 847-457-8449 and speak to one of our incredible team members!