While going to the dentist seems intimidating to some, our dentists strongly believe in providing expert comfort, as well as quality care for every patient we assist. To continue to help meet the needs of each individual who visits Northwestern Dental Group, we are pleased to offer IV sedation in Vernon Hills, Illinois. This sedation technique will provide you medication directly into your bloodstream, helping you to relax and feel much more comfortable during your procedure. Our team will monitor you the entire time and provide you with other tips and tricks that may help you relax further, ensuring that the entire process is safe. As an added precaution, you will be required to bring someone with you to drive you home from our office. We would also highly recommend having someone near you until the medication has had time to work its way through your body.

Having dental work done can be stressful for many people, so if you have questions regarding if IV sedation may be an effective option for you during your procedures, please call us today at 847-457-8449 where one of our amazing team members can speak with you about your next visit with us!