As you go about your normal daily habits, bacteria, sugars and acids can be constantly building up in your mouth and damaging the protective layers of your teeth. Since no one is immune the effects of exposure to potentially harmful bacteria in the mouth, our dentists have chosen to offer fluoride treatments in Vernon Hills, Illinois. These treatments can be incredibly effective at both preventing problems from developing by both strengthening the tooth and helping to fight off cavities and tooth decay.

Fluoride is a mineral that can natural be found in a variety of places, including water and food. And while you can receive a certain amount of fluoride in your diet naturally or by using specific toothpastes, a fluoride treatment could be the boost your mouth needs to maintain a healthy smile! If our dentists feel that a fluoride treatment could be an effective solution for you, they may recommend it during your regular visits with us. If you have questions regarding if this treatment could help your smile, please call Northwestern Dental Group today and our team members will be happy to help! Call us at 847-457-8449 so we can begin providing you the quality dental care that your smile deserves!