More commonly known as a root canal, this endodontic treatment doesn’t have the greatest reputation. But what might seem like an intimidating procedure can be made into a positive experience when you choose to let our dentists provide you with root canal therapy in Vernon Hills, Illinois. With a team of incredible individuals and years of experience, your next root canal therapy will be focused around your comfort and providing excellent care. Root canal therapy is generally needed when the inner tissue of a tooth has experienced severe damage or is infected. When this happens, the tooth loses much of its integrity and if left unchecked, can lead to a total loss of the tooth.

To help avoid this condition, our dentists may remove the infected material, then clean the tooth and fill it with medicated material. Afterward, a cap will be placed on the tooth with a dental restoration such as a dental crown. This process will leave the tooth in a healthier state and have you smiling comfortably again! If you’d like to learn more details regarding our root canal therapy, please contact Northwestern Dental Group at 847-457-8449 today to speak with one of our amazing team members!