When there has been damage to the inner tissue of your tooth or if you have had a severe infection in your tooth, you likely received root canal therapy. If the problem continues to persist even after you have received treatment, then you may be in need of a root canal retreatment provided by our dentists. If, during the months following your root canal therapy, you are experiencing pains similar to the discomfort you felt prior to your initial treatment, it is possible that the area has become infected or has not healed properly. Regardless of the reason, if you are again experiencing severe pain in your jaw or tooth, you should come meet with our dentists as soon as possible so that we can begin providing you with solutions.

In the process of your root canal retreatment, our dentists will reopen the affected area of the tooth, remove the material currently occupying the space, and examine where they can provide treatment. Once the areas of infection or other areas that need retreatment have been identified, our dentists can remove the infected areas, clean and shape the tooth, and then seal the tooth with the new material. After this is completed, your tooth will be given a temporary filling, which will be removed later as the tooth begins to heal properly.

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