If you need endodontic treatment in Vernon Hills, Illinois, trust the dentists and experienced team at Northwestern Dental Group to provide you with quality endodontic care! The area of endodontics is centered around the study and care of the dental pulp. This pulp is located in the innermost layer of your tooth where the connective tissue cells are and houses the nerves and blood vessels. With all these vital parts of the tooth in one place, it is no wonder that serious problems can occur if there is damage or decay in this specific area. If the area is left unchecked or untreated, irreparable damage can be caused that may result in a total loss of a tooth.

To help aid in the treatment of this area, our dentists may use root canal therapy, also referred to as a root canal, to help treat any affected dental pulp. Endodontic procedures are carefully done in such a way that the integrity of the tooth is preserved while still removing the damaged areas efficiently. If you have questions regarding our endodontic treatments, one of our team members will be happy to speak with you! Give us a call today at 847-457-8449!