If you have experienced any damage to your teeth that has compromised the beauty of your smile, come visit our dentists at Northwestern Dental Group, where we offer dental veneers in Vernon Hills, Illinois! These thin shells, which are generally made from porcelain or resin, can be bonded to your damaged tooth, restoring it to a natural look. This is a popular dental solution for any patients who are looking to close gaps in their teeth, whiten a tooth that has been severely damaged or discolored, or restore teeth that have been broken or chipped. And because of how well the veneers blend in with the rest of your teeth, they can create the appearance that there was never any damage in the first place.

Dental veneers are stain resistant, durable and made to keep your smile beautiful for years to come! They are custom made by our team to fit your mouth, having been crafted with professional care that has come from years of experience. If you have more questions regarding this procedure or how our dentists can assist in improving your smile, feel free to call our office at 847-457-8449 at your earliest convenience. One of team members will be happy to assist you.