Northwestern Dental Group is a well-established dental practice in Vernon Hills, Illinois, we over 15 years in our community. When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by a friendly and motivated team of superb individuals each wanting to help you have an amazing experience! No matter which one of our dentists you are able to meet with, each one of them has a high standard of excellence that they hold themselves to, ensuring that you will always receive quality dental care. Our team consists of people who are enthusiastic about learning how they can best care for each patient, no matter their dental needs.

With professional but gentle hands, the team at Northwestern Dental Group is dedicated to the specific dental needs of each patient who walks through our doors. Please call us today to schedule your next appointment with us! If this is your first appointment with us, we’re excited to offer a free consultation as well as free orthodontic screening! Call us today at 847-457-8449 to learn more!